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Let’s start off with an introduction! We’re **Not Fungible** \- digital art curators with a soft spot for true meaningful crypto art, decentralization, metaverse, and a lot in between. ❤️‍🔥

We’re bringing together some of the best digital artists today to tell the story of [\#crypto]( through exquisitely crafted digital crypto art, recounting the most iconic moments in its history. Each artist is given a specific year in crypto to bring to life through their creative lens. We call it the **CHRONICLES** series. Just look at the line-up of artists!!!

We’re excited to introduce the 13th piece in the collection – CHRONICLES 2020 “**THE HALVING**” by **ALAN BOLTON**.

Apart from being a wizard of his own artistic creations – Alan worked on art projects with [@deadmau5]( and Manchester City Football Club, among many other epic collaborations!

The 2020 piece Concept is focused on the Bitcoin halving and the year 2020, with many easter eggs hidden for crypto enthusiasts to find.

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