After the ETH and SOL NFTs craze, What’s next?

IMO, the Algorand NFT craze is next, particularly those with utilities like CosmicChamps NFTs, which will be used to play the first 3D mobile game on the ALGO chain. Asides the fact that CosmicChamps NFTs are cool and also rewarding to hold, they also have one of the most active community on the Algo chain, which is helping to grow the project’s utility token COSG.

Just a few days ago, COSG went parabolic after its listing on Yieldly Finance, and even now, it has the highest liquidity on Algorand when compared to any other algorand DEX. All of this shows the project’s strong and growing community. Presently, COSG holders can put the token to work on Yieldly Finance in order to earn passive income for 60 days.

I think we should all try to get our hands on some CosmicChamps NFTs now that it’s still at its early stages before it gets extremely expensive while we wait for its Closed Beta game test, which will be accessible by those holding the Genesis NFTs.

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2 thoughts on “After the ETH and SOL NFTs craze, What’s next?”

  1. Very interesting. I agree that its algorands time to shine. They never have problems like solana and there is basically zero gas fees. Its always running stable and the NFT space has been growing under the radar in recent months. Its time to shine is very soon i believe.

  2. has started its last community airdrop
    No referral needed 🙅‍♀️ Guaranteed for all participants ✅


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