Advice needed for brothers paintings

My brother is a painter and he got offered some money for some of his paintings to be purchased as nfts

The potential buyer/collector is from the US and since my brother doesn’t speak English I have to deal with the buyer.
The problem is I have no idea about the ins and out of nfts I’m not even sure what an nft is other than digital art?

My brother usually sells his paintings for a few hundred bucks and this buyer is offering several thousands of dollars.

Any advice on how to go about this would be much appreciated. Cheers

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1 thought on “Advice needed for brothers paintings”

  1. You need a genuine NFT community to help your brother get his art onboard. There is a Network of community that will help guide your brother to make smart decisions as regards his work. The Juno Network is a good place to get started, using the LOOP DEX as a gateway for easy onboarding, he can get all he needs in support and marketplace.


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