Advice for beginner who wants to being trading on NFT


I have a friend that makes a lot of money off of trading with nfts. Hence, I also want to begin and start making profit from this, I was wondering if there were any tips for begginners on what nfts to buy and how to trade them. please dm if possible, so we can keep contact and be nft besties :)))

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3 thoughts on “Advice for beginner who wants to being trading on NFT”

  1. NFTs has scammed even the biggest scammer of YouTube and he has a lot of money, he paid many thousands of dollars for a NFT that now worth 10$ maximum.

    If you want to make profit i guess you should be always stay informed for the latest drops and find nfts that are not too expensive so you could make a profit.

    The best way to profit from nfts is to find some other guys and start a community that makes nfts with big presence on social media, youtube and other streaming platforms , this is the most certain way to make money with nfts i think.

  2. Most projects are pump and dumps. If you want to be a flipper, then you need to get on whitelists, buy early, be lucky to get a pump, then sell early before the price drops too much. Joining a project that is dedicated to Alpha calls may help. This is very risky trading that is more likely to lose money in the long run than investing. If you want to find NFTs that will make money long term, you need to learn about investing, how to find projects that will grow a sustainable business and pay long term. Just because some people have made money from NFTs doesn’t mean that you will.


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