A serious discussion now! why do you pips buy NFT? Dont you value your hard earned money?

Ive been into Crypto sometime now and started exploring NFT about a month ago. From what I understand 90% of projects/collections have no tangible value at all. From what I gathered it also seems that most of the $ traded in NFT are that of traders who are looking to flip a coin.

Projects like the CryptoPunks and bored-yacht do stand out, but most of the projects are just silly. There are even projects where the creator bluntly states he(she) didnt invest any effort to create them(nft\_is\_dead\_long\_live\_nft, for example) and projects who are damn ugly(genesis-creepz for example).

For disclosure I bought one NFT(infinity frogs) for trying this, but now I think I miss my 50$ đŸ™‚

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