A New NFT Collection – Vive la Vie!

Hello community!

I’ve recently created this new NFT collection called “Vive la Vie”. In English, it means “Here’s to life” and the collection consists of 10 unique photographs that capture different moments of life in nature and in history. As well, there are secret photographs that are only unlocked if you happen to buy one (all of the secret photos are unique from one another).

The reason why I wanted to create this collection was because I wanted to express life in quite different ways and I found that photographs were a perfect medium for that. As well, I wanted people who are active on NFTs to see a different sort of NFT apart from the typical things.

The price for each photograph is 0.05ETH, but offers are always welcome! (and so are DMs to my account, as long as they are not spam/scams).

Comment down below on how you like it and even if you don’t buy, favourite it! It helps gauge interest in the photographs.

[Regal Flower](


[The Vintage Sign](

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