A lady is trying to buy my artwork

So I make artwork and post them on Instagram. And one day a lady messaged me and told that she would like to my work as NFT. I told that I don’t know much about NFT. So she said she will guide me through the process.

After that she sent me a link of an exchange and told to mint my work there. That website doesn’t seem legit to me so I am asking for help here on what I should do.

She told me she would buy my work for 0.9eth per piece(3). That’s a lot of money for me but I don’t want to be scammed.

Please give me some advice on what I should do.

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3 thoughts on “A lady is trying to buy my artwork”

  1. Please read the pinned post on this subreddit. They are going to scam you. Block them and ignore any future communications from people trying to buy your art as NFTs.

  2. Its a scam… I’ve gotten these messages too. I’d love to see a scam buster rip open this operation so we can see how it works. Legit Collectors don’t send messages like that


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