5 reasons to pay attention to Music NFTs

1. Digital Asset. A Music NFT is a first of a kind asset for music that allows collectors to stake value in an artist’s success or IP. The NFT’s success will depend on the artist’s ability to drive value, regardless of any “royalty split”.

2. New NFT Category. If you’re reading this, you’re super early to Music NFTs. Collectors are still focused on jpegs and pfps, which have much higher volume that the music category. Getting in early on an emerging market is the way to make big gains. Volume is coming.

3. Content / Marketing. With Music NFTs, you get everything a jpeg has and more. The music itself is utility, and provides the long term marketing plan as the artist’s career grows. Music NFTs have so much content behind them. The NFT is a connection to the success of the content

4. Onboarding Masses. In my opinion Music NFTs will be one of the best categories for onboarding the mainstream. Music is consumed by so many people who might not be as interested in other types of art NFTs. Furthermore, features like live events & merch are more easily explained

5. The Artists. We all know that the music industry has a reputation for predatory deals with artists. Music NFTs offer a way for the artists to get the funding they deserve – and the successful innovators will deliver massive value to collectors, rather than the record label.

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