Yield Farming Question

I am considering Yield Farming in the Ronin blockchain. I had a question about impermanent loss.

If I placed $1,000 worth of SLP and $1,000 worth of Ethereum into a liquidity pool, and in a month the value of one asset increased by 100%, if I withdrew the liquidity, would I be left with the same amount of each token I put in, or only $1,000 worth of each one?

For example, I place in 100,000 SLP and .3 Eth. If SLP’s value suddenly went up by 100%, when I went to withdraw it, would I still have my 100,000 SLP?

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2 thoughts on “Yield Farming Question”

  1. No, it always tries to sync. If SLP increases by 100%, that percentage of SLP will be sold and become ETH. On the contrary, ETH starts to decrease.


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