Yield farming hands-on/visual aid learning tools?

Are there any websites/resources that let you work through problems and/or use pictures/interactive elements to explain yield farming? Reading articles and watching videos just has not done it for me, despite whatever intelligence level you associate with being a doctor.

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2 thoughts on “Yield farming hands-on/visual aid learning tools?”

  1. I found it too time consuming and expensive to yield farm with hands-on! Tried it, made some money, but didn’t worth the time, effort and fees, keeping changing platforms and getting hit with transfer and swaps fees all the time!

    For yield farming (with leveraged options up to 6.5x) I’m using kalmy.app as it can deliver great returns and a quite automated way. If you want to look into it, I’d suggest to start on their blog!

    Sorry, but has to be an article…

  2. Padswap created crypto learning through gameified mini games. It is interaction with little tips about crypto as you progress through the games and they are quite fun as well.

    For example there is a space invader type game that you can choose to leverage 5x making the game far more difficult but also points are earned in greater amounts. This shows how leveraging can be dangerous to lose it all, when people try to take shortcuts.



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