Yield Aggregators are Ponzis

I know aggregators like Yield and Beefy are the most established yield aggregators out there, but after hearing about the BlockFi fallout I’m too scared to use any of these services. With any Ponzi, it’s nice to get in early but you’ll never know when the plug will be pulled.

I’ll be downvoted, but fuck it.

Edit: Yearn Finance not Yield

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9 thoughts on “Yield Aggregators are Ponzis”

  1. BlockFi is Cefi. Beefy is Defi. You can’t compare them, they operate differently. Downvoted cause you’re misinformed and spreading FUD.

  2. Lol you literally have no idea what you’re talking about bro. Like you didn’t even bother to learn what “yield aggregator” or “Ponzi” even mean. Blockfi is not a yield aggregator nor anything remotely related to defi nor Beefy nor Yearn (which are also not remotely similar to each other). Do you even know the meaning of the words you’re using lol? Because you’re conflating vastly different things and platforms with apparently no understanding of what they are or do

    Blockfi is a platform where you get a tiny apr for depositing funds which then Blockfi does who knows what with. You can take loans out from them as well so it sort of works like a centralized pseudo money market. It’s not related to defi in any way

    Beefy is an autocompounder that is completely decentralized. It works on multiple chains and you own total control of your crypto because you use your keys/wallet. There are no loans that you can take out on beefy, you don’t deposit things as collateral or anything like that. Beefy usually uses a technique called folding on other defi markets like AAVE etc to generate the yields.

    Yearn is basically a proper decentralized money market itself which offers much more complex yield strategies and pools across various platforms

    None of these three platforms have anything to do with a Ponzi. Blockfi is sus and I don’t use it but that doesn’t mean it’s a Ponzi. a Ponzi is where profits depend in new people putting new money in to prop up the yields. Defi is generally the opposite; the more people that put money in, the less the profits get since yields get diluted. Please spend 10 seconds researching before making such stupid posts next time

  3. DeFi aggregators may have their perks but multiple yield aggregators optimized into a vault can come with a dynamic quality. Spool is doing that and I think that’s a good shot at making up for the gap you’re concerned about.

  4. I believe these are some of the strategies that [midas](
    https://midas.investments/?p=0194) uses to achieve such high yields. I don’t see leveraging these strategies as a “ponzi”. Defi is awesome, with yield aggregators, farming and other techniques you can see impressive results.


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