Will the crypto market affect Solcial

The crypto market is clearly in a bear cycle right now, as is obvious to everybody. At this time, many projects are put on hold as a result of the market’s prevailing anxiety, asset are being sold, and price decreases.

Even more people believe that the cryptocurrency game is over. How many times have we gone through this phase? There is no point in highlighting how many times we have gone through crypto downtrends but it is important to focus on what chances the bear market offers at the moment. I’m not even referring to purchasing cryptocurrency assets for really low costs.

This downtrend serves as a window for us to see the projects that can really stand the test of time.Which projects do you think would survive this downtrend?
I think that only really solid projects will survive the downturn market. These are the projects that actually have value and application, the ones that benefit from a skilled development team and a supportive community, and which aid in the creation and promotion of a cutting-edge product!

#Solcial, a Web3 social media network, is a perfect example of such a project since it provides users with unrestricted communication and monetization of their material as well as an unheard-of ability to truly own and manage their account and content.
The development of the Solcial application has not been delayed despite the challenging market conditions; in fact, exactly the reverse has happened; it has recently been moved from the local Devnet to the Solana Testnet, and the number of testers is steadily growing.

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