Will DeFi ever be popular than tradFI

DeFi promises self custody and transparency, but are these features sought by the consumer of financial products? Or are the majority of consumers of financial products attached to the centralized, regulated, brokered products offered by the financial giants of the world.

Will the DeFi be able to provide products that could appeal to customers in

1. Trading of stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies and their derivatives
2. Deposit, Lending and borrowing
3. Insurance and underwriting

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7 thoughts on “Will DeFi ever be popular than tradFI”

  1. CeFi vs DeFi? It’s gonna be a no-brainer, but for DeFi to take over TradFi, it’ll take more years and reputations to be made before it can be on the mainstream, but seeing TradingView offering crypto coin trading, I think it’s a start. This is why I ventured on both aspects as I trade FX and stake PGEN then wait for Polygen’s raises.

  2. I think so. You can trade forex and US stocks alongside crypto on gTrade. A ton of protocols like AAVE offer lending and borrowing. All of these on Polygon means gas is cheaper than a broker. We’re on our way there for sure.

  3. Sure. Significant changes usually take time. So it’s just a matter of time before DeFi becomes more popular and widely used. The likes of e-money are already producing services mentioned above which include independent asset issuance and on-chain limit order book (DEX) that ensures optimal order execution and routing.

  4. Decentralization is inevitable. Whether or not people stop using it, the tech will innovate and become no different from a speed and scalability standpoint from what tradfi uses.


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