Why Reddit is not enough to sell your NFTs

I’m helping VScotch with his PatronizeAStar NFT charity project and I would like to share what I have learnt. This is regarding how to sell NFTs and if a dedicated website is needed for this, or it is just enough to use openmarkets and 3rd party services that already exist.

Some of you would instantly say: “What a stupid question!” Well, we were really considering that question seriously at the project and tried our best in avoiding making a website. That was an experiment which did not go well.

Yeah, I know the rule… your website is your house, a social network like Twitter or Reddit, or open markets like Rarible or OpenSea is a house of somebody else that you temporarily rent… not your website – not your rules. We went over that many times.

But still we wanted to do an experiment. We wanted to see if this could be our fist project when we don’t do a separate website and run the campaign exclusively on social networks. After all, the project was mainly about charity and it seemed enough just to spread the word about the campaign in social networks and forums. And then we all would happily mint our great NFTs through 3rd party services made for that. And help real space research contributing to the overall welfare of the world. It was OK at the beginning, but when the campaign start to grow bigger and bigger we found it is just not convenient for users. We started to draw in endless limitations, endless support tickets, endless mismatches and still ended up with bad user experience. And all that despite the popularity the campaign gained for its noble goals.

Reddit is great and people in various subreddits are very supportive. But that alone will not mint your NFTs, of course. And 3rd party services are sometimes just not enough for that.

So not your site – not your rules, we learned it the hard way. If we plan to expand as we certainly do, we have to have our own website for each new project.

We have got the website now. The front page got only a header so far but the mint page is ready. Those who won their free airdrop and those who want to join the presale at a lowest price ever are welcome to complete their requests.

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  2. Debatedable, NFTs are very small microcaps. Depending on demand and supply you could have 100 pieces and if 99 people won’t sell and 10 people want but don’t have, you just made the price moon.


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