Why is xdefi wallet the only wallet that supports btc testnet?

With the FTX situation and CEXes proving what we already know [cex can’t be trusted to be transparent] and bridges being exploited on major DeFi platforms, we need better interoperability protocols. I am not dumb, I use the Internet. I know a handful of projects are already tailing the bridgeless and wrapless approach for their applications. What I don’t understand is, why is it only xdefi wallet that supports btc testnet?
Lets face it, without a strong support for Bitcoin no DeFi platform can truly say they support interoperability on multiple chains.

Is it that the bitcoin testnet is difficult to implement into wallets like trustwallet and metamask, or devs don’t care about extending bitcoin’s utilities into more modern day uses? From where I stand, other than being sticked to the top of the marketcap, btc seems to be getting no love from developers.

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