Why InstaDEX?

The bear market is really taking a toll on the tezos blockchain as well as the whole market, this has festered in the community, the number of FUDs expressed amongst users 10x’ed. The Tezos ecosystem needs a lot of traction if it intends to compete with other Blockchain network like Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Ethereum etc., hence the need for a revolutionary invention on the ecosystem to drive this adoption.


Instaraise , a decentralized network built on the Tezos blockchain for Startups with the goal of creating an open and thriving community of entrepreneurs. By providing multiple resources, from a mentorship program to a marketplace for funding and capital, What’s more, they aim to make it easier for project founders to build their own businesses as well as tokenize their ideas.


The project ,having done a survey as to what LPs go through to provide Liquidity in the traditional AMM systems have come to a conclusion to build a DEX that’d solve the problems or reduce the risks these LPs face on the conventional DEXes.

Staking in DeFi liquidity pools has been categorized as follows:


\>>You intend to earn passively on your tokens.

\>>You put your tokens in a liquidity pool, and your money helps traders trade and earns fees.

\>>The price of your tokens may rise or fall; this volatility drives trading, which yields fees. However, the same volatility can cause your initial deposit to lose value (“Impermanent Loss”). Because as the value of your tokens rises, they may be automatically sold at a discount, resulting in you losing money rather than making it.


With InstaDEX,

\>>You get to earn higher interest on your deposits with less risk thanks to a Single-Sided Staking mechanism that insures your assets regardless of how the price of your tokens fluctuates.

\>>You can also invest the token you want: There will be no more 50/50 splits; simply deposit one token and receive 100% upside exposure, single-sided.

\>>Keep your assets safe: Impermanent Loss is completely protected 100%.

\>>Fees for auto-compounding: Trading costs are added to your deposit automatically, multiplying your gains.

\>>Rewards: Earn Liquidity Mining Rewards that compound automatically, are instantly liquid, and are impermanently protected.


Check the out on twitter \[@instaraise\] to learn more about this technology coming to the Tezos ecosystem.



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