Why I believe some industries require its own DeFi solution

In my opinion, now is a great time to invest in a wide variety of alt coins, including meme coins, because the market is now volatile. If you have a huge quantity of these coins, you’ll have a better chance of seeing a coin skyrocket, in my opinion. It’s a great tactic for us because many people don’t know how to go to the markets.

Observing the current crop of cryptocurrencies, it appears that many are aimed at the incorrect demographics, industries, and/or just plain ol’ bullsh\*t Investing in smaller, lesser-known tokens may be beneficial for you in the long run, given the magnitude of the current crisis. It’s possible to use Tangi tokens to buy cannabis, for example. The cannabis industry, in my opinion, is on the rise since it is now legal in nearly every country. Cannabis will soon have its own coin thanks to DeFi, in my opinion. Even while pump and dump frauds have hampered the crypto-cannabis relationship in the past, there is promise for the future. There could also be potential for more creative ways of improving the e-commerce as a whole.

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4 thoughts on “Why I believe some industries require its own DeFi solution”

  1. This is on which chain.

    I’ve been doing a series of research lately and came across glimmerswap on the Moonbeam network. They are yet to launch, and they’re proposing low fees and high LP rewards.

  2. well in my opinion it best to keep your portfolio simple with gem that got good potentials, just because the market is volatile doesn’t mean you should ape in so many coin you can get rekt in that process and you are right mate with industries acquiring a DeFi solution. just like how you can use Tangi token to buy cannabis there are similar instance like this I’ve seen also, like using the Sylo wallet to buy coca-cola in Austria.


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