Why DeFi Needs a decentralized privacy infrastructure

People right now value privacy even more when it comes to their cryptos, especially now with what happened with the recent happenings of Celsius, Voyager and the FTX fraud or basically any crypto fraud. I’m pretty sure DeFi privacy will continue to gain popularity since this is what crypto is intended to be. I think it’s also very important now to find ways to protect our privacy without sacrificing security or speed.

There’s one platform I know called **sideshift.ai** where it’s a non KYC crypto exchange that doesn’t require sign ups and lets you swap between different cryptos fast. It’s basically Non KYC and you just need to select your input and output cryptos. You enter your receiving address and send your funds. This kind of system makes sure your cryptos are safe and private at the same time.

Another one I heard of is called **Houdini Swap**. It’s another non KYC exchange that leverages Monero as a “tunnel” to provide anonymous cross-chain swaps. This means that you can exchange different types of crypto’s without revealing your identity or how much money you own.

In times like this, user trust needs to increase (or the trust in crypto needs to come back), security for data breaches needs to increase, identity thefts, etc. These things can happen to centralized systems or CEXes. People should not be revealing any personal information or privacy being affected.

So if you guys have any project that’s related to a privacy coin, whether that be Monero, can be zero knowledge proof like Zcash related, etc. let me know in the comments.

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