Which of those websites shows the accurate trading volume?

I noticed each website show different 24h trading volumes for the same assets. but not sure which one is the real one. any idea on where to get the accurate trading volume?


[Data source: Coingecko](


[Data Source: coin market cab](


[Data source: Messari ](

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  1. The issue with trading volume isn’t that analytics websites are unreliable, the issue is that some of the centralized exchanges are unreliable. Some centralized exchanges often execute wash trades or report orders that did not execute to make it look like the exchange is much more active than it actually is.

    That’s why some of these analytics websites that you’ve screenshotted have columns like “real volume” or “exchange quality” that try to account for that.

    In my opinion the best way to compare volume for the majority of coins is to look at a few tier 1 exchanges (binance, coinbase, ftx…) that do not have to report fake volume to stay on top, and compare the volume numbers on them.


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