Which DeFi coin is gonna explode next?

Over the past few years, investments in cryptocurrencies have gained momentum worldwide. Individuals and institutions are beginning to explore decentralized finance with the massive rise in crypto investments.

According to a Forbes report, by October 2020, more than $11 billion (in cryptocurrency) had been deposited into various decentralized finance protocols, representing a tenfold increase over the year prior. As of January 2021, approximately $20.5 billion had been invested in DeFi.

As I heard, DeFi users have surpassed 5 million, which is like WOW.

There is around $43 billion of value locked in DeFi. Global blockchain spending is expected to hit $19 billion by 2024. The worldwide blockchain market is forecast to grow to over $65 billion by 2026.

Do you think it’s possible?

What do you think, which DeFi coin is gonna explode next?

I dunno what will be my next move, so it would be nice to hear your opinion cuz that might help with my decision. I know how important DYOR is. I realize it might be difficult for beginners, but perhaps initiatives like Coin Fantasy made the correct choice by electing to use games to expose people to cryptocurrencies by developing the first decentralized fantasy trading platform for cryptocurrency markets for both novice and seasoned traders. This might facilitate entry into the bitcoin market for newcomers.

What about FightOut (FGHT) – the most likely crypto to explode after raising $2m in less than a week? Or maybe Dash 2 Trade (D2T) – crypto analytics and intelligence protocol in the final presale stage.

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3 thoughts on “Which DeFi coin is gonna explode next?”

  1. This question comes up like every day and to put it blindly, if I could predict the future, I wouldn’t tell about it to a stranger on the Internet for sure. Do your research

  2. Personally, I’d say GEEQ. The market cap is just around the same as FGHT, but the utilities dwarf even the biggest of blockchains. I’m talking layer zero, multichain, and faster, lighter more efficient EDI-like data system (their Geeq data). I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.

  3. None that we know so far. Most of the coins will be dead till the next bullrun starts. I wouldn’t bet on any project right now.


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