Where to park USDC?

With all the megaFUD surrounding UST at the moment I want to let the dust settle on this before I put any money back in there. I am keeping the majority of my portfolio in USDC but I have not really explored many options with USDC on DeFi protocols (as I kept it in Anchor) can you guys recommend somewhere I can consistently get a higher return on my USDC than the 12% APR I get on exchanges? I hate keeping my money on exchanges but I also don’t want to put them into something sketchy like WAVES for example.

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5 thoughts on “Where to park USDC?”

  1. Check Beefy and filter for stablecoins. They have a lot of stuff across various networks. Maybe like 5% to 20% yield. The safer ones IMO are 5% to 12% mabye.


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