Where to learn about crypto?

Hello guys!I am new to crypto and I want to start the right way.I want to learn everything about the top 50 cryptocurrencies before investing but there is so much on the internet that I don’t know where to start.Any suggestion about any specific website or youtube channel?

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  1. I’d be very, very careful with using Youtube for a source of information on potential investments. This is for 2 main reasons:

    * Human feelings can be influenced with music and sounds, from repetitive church songs and religious chanting to the way movies guide a viewer on an emotional journey. This can be used to make you feel more positive about a project than you would otherwise.

    * Watching a video is a passive activity that takes you through a presentation at a pace determined by the creator. If you were reading something you would naturally stop and think about or check things you aren’t sure of. With a video, stopping requires you to actively decide to pause it, which though theoretically a low barrier, in reality many more falsehoods or questionable claims will slip pass your natural bullshit detecting abilities.

    My advice would be to pick projects to research one at a time. Go through their whitepapers, looking up anything you don’t understand. It makes sense to start with Bitcoin, just because the white paper is pretty short and not particularly complicated. It will also give you some idea of what to look for in terms of legitimacy. It explains what the issue is that the project tries to solve and then how it works.

    Where you go from there is up to you, but my suggestion would be to try your best to avoid listening to anyone’s opinion on a project and instead dig into the fundamentals as much as you can yourself. If you understand how something works better than most other people you have a chance to make investment choices better than them. If you follow others you’ll always be behind them.

  2. Welcome to the Rabbit Hole!
    CoinBureau, Whiteboard Crypto on YT; TradingView, CoinGecko and [Koinly’s Blogs](https://koinly.io/blog), should cover you for most things, and r/saltynocoiners can be a great source of crypto info also.

  3. if you’re new to crypto you probably need to start with the general basics. Wikipedia and youtube introductions should be fine. Make sure you have at least a rough understanding of:

    * public-key cryptography and blockchain
    * proof of work and the consensus mechanism used by e.g. bitcoin
    * proof of stake and the consensus mechanism used by e.g. polkadot
    * hardware and software crypto wallets
    * evm, erc-20, nfts

    these are the drop dead basics of the technology you would be investing in. You’ll also want to make sure you understand the common ways that people get scammed and lose their ass:

    * notable pyramid schemes, hacks, and rug pulls that have happened in the crypto space
    * phishing scams; clipboard address manipulation; fake websites, wallets, and browser extensions
    * how to secure your keys/seed phrases and under what circumstances you should ever enter them

    and assuming you’re here because you’re interested in defi:

    * decentralized exchanges and automated market makers
    * liquidity pools
    * liquidity providing, impermanent loss
    * autocompounders and yield farming

    [this guy](https://www.youtube.com/c/Finematics/videos) has some good introductory videos on these topics

    now you should know enough to dive in to those top 50 cryptocurrencies you were talking about. I would approach it like this:

    1. for each of those projects, get a quick and rough understanding of what they’re about by reading the landing page of their website or the coinmarketcap overview summary
    2. figure out which projects you are interested in. Join subreddits for those projects, look for youtubers talking about it, check out the project’s site in more detail. If it’s an app, connect your wallet and look around the interface
    3. pick which projects you want to invest in. Make sure you understand the sites and software used with the project. If you want to be diligent, read the project’s whitepaper, documentation pages, and audit reports if they have them. It might also be a good idea to throw in a smaller amount to play around with first and get comfortable

  4. I’ve learnt a few things the wrong hard way and I believe we – investors – all have the responsibility to share as much practical and honest knowledge to newcomers as possible. So here goes:

    – We all come to the markets to make profit, and with that in mind you’d benefit from learning some trading fundamentals (I can recommend watching some of the Trader’s Realiy youtube streams for that). The basics are: setting up your Tradingview account and enabling the technical indicators that I find most useful to guess action price – Volume candles and Divergences (in RSI and MACD mostly). Those two will tell you where to expect prices to go and when a trend change in price action may happen.

    – In regards to DeFi, you can consider reading the Medium pages project descriptions of some of the most promising projects out there and consider staking / farming their tokens for a while. Check the top chains on DefiLlama site, and check the top protocols (by TVL) hosted there. For instance under Terra Chain you have Astroport Protocol with good farming incentives – if you add some money to the ASTRO-UST pool, you’ll be earning 66% APR + the benefit of ASTRO token speculative action – many of us, including myself, think that this project has it all to perform well in the markets and make you some money, specially as it is still such a new project waiting for price discovery mode. Other promising DeFi projects may include Reactor Money, Yeti Finance etc – but read their medium pages and check their discord channels (and if you have the technical knowledge also their whitepapers) to judge them by yourself.

    – Lastely, please understand that the whole crypto market – DeFi included obviously – is heavily dependent on the performance of Bitcoin. So if it goes up, the whole market will go up and vice versa. Bitcoin should therefore be the top coin you’re analysing everyday on TradingView to make up your mind in regards to market health/momentum.

    – Extra tip: don’t fall for emotions, don’t fall for youtubers/twitter guys backing coins based on generic creative reasonings, don’t follow people who claim to be leaders in trading. This will be a lonely journey of self learning and emotional control, and that’s how it goes for everyone. Good luck and happy profits, I hope you’ll nail it soon.

  5. Read whitepapers, subreddits, do some research & fact checking to the best of your ability.
    Check audits as well.

    – Asses if it’s worth it
    – How much % will be allocated where

  6. I got into crypto late last year and the volume of information I had to learn was overwhelming – and I’m still learning.

    You are giving yourself too much to do by studying the top 50 currencies. What I would suggest is you start by watching the first few MIT videos on crypto led by Gary Gensler so you get a basic understanding of Bitcoin, the Blockchain and crypto in general (a simple Google search will find it).

    Next, I suggest you subscribe to Coin Bureau on Youtube and search for videos on investing, how to choose cryptos to invest in, and so on.

    Finally, setup an account on a crypto exchange of your choice and buy a little bit of BTC and/or ETH to get acquainted with the process. As you do this, you’ll come across things that will prompt you to do further research (e.g. gas fees, choosing networks to send crypto on, etc.) So you can develop a better understanding of crypto. I started off by using Shakepay to buy cryptos, however the Crypto.com app should also be easy to use.

    Good luck OP and have fun!

    EDIT: I forgot to mention one of the most important things for crypto noobs to learn: please, please research crypto scams and how to avoid them. I like to think I’m pretty smart and cautious, but I STILL got scammed very early on. Don’t assume you won’t fall for it. Inform yourself and you won’t get rekt.

  7. I think when I started crypto I always wanted to browse articles and read white papers and listen to what my peers are doing about crypto, now I think it’s best to DYOR first then and commit any cryptocurrency you can come across , currently I hold ETH, MOVR, GLMR, FTM, DOT & EBOX which is a security tool, all thanks to my fellow friends who have been practicing and don’t get frustrated when I ask them about everything

  8. There is no course on this , you have to earn it from getting involve in project , that is how I started, with each project you will learn something new , and also subscribe good YouTuber and follows some good CT

  9. learn to do the work.

    check coin gecko: rank, mc, fdv, link to sites and socials, links from there to whitepapers and docs.
    check etherscan (or comparable): holders, distrubution, etc

    debank, nansen, dune analytics, hash search on twitter, project TG and discord and so on.

    everyone has a bias and a bag to sell you.

  10. Youtube is good, but I’ll advise you to join the blockbank newbie school, and you will learn a lot from them and you can as well experience DeFi and CeFi on their app.

  11. welcome to the crypto space, First of all try check coingecko, use tradingview to get ideas and also look at the technicals. I will honestly tell you that to make that potential 5x you have to look beyond the top 50 cryptocurrencies.

    There are other areas of the crypto market you can look at ranging from NFT to gamefi to web3. I will want to recommend Cometh which allows you stake MUST on its dex Comethswap and still be able to play strategic card games to earn rewards like the $30,000 rewards for april.

    This and many more are opportunities you might decide to explore during your crypto journey.

  12. I don’t think you’ve set yourself the right goal. First you need to study blockchains, and then you need to study specific cryptocurrencies in them. Otherwise it will be a salad of 50 cryptocurrencies and you won’t understand anything. Study the fundamental stuff. Take the Cosmos blockchain white paper for example, then study the roadmap. Zastakay a couple of coins like Atom and Juno, go to communities on Telegram and follow what’s going on in the community. That way you can learn, it will take time.

  13. This is a good question, it reminds me how I started my crypto journey. The blockchain space is wide and trust me you can’t know everything in a jiffy.

    I will advise that you take your time, and if you can start my checking YouTube channels, Binance academy, it’s a good start. Commit 40 hrs a week to learning, understand DeFi, NFTs, Metaverse etc. and you will be good to go. I did that, and was up to speed, and I was able to buy the likes of BTC, ETH , SOL, ALGO, CHR, AXL, RFOX, SPOOL.

    And most importantly, I keep doing my research on any project before investing, Good luck

  14. My favorite intro which takes you from 101 into DeFi, DAOs, stablecoins and beyond, is
    [litrex academy](https://litrex.academy/en/basics). It is integrated as “academy” in Unstoppable Wallet (Settings->Academy)

    I slept on crypto for the last 2 years and came back after a DeFi explosion. Despite being BTC OG I went through all of their guides, as I was also vetting them for friends/family.

    They explain things well and don’t shill any of their own shitcoins (that I noticed at least – please point out any dodgy shyte).

    It won’t cover everything but imho it is well worth a read as it is very well broken down and explained impartially.

    No affiliation whatsoever with Unstoppable Wallet or Litrex, just happy with their content.

    Hope it works for you. Take care with crypto:

    – Never give out your seed phrase.

    – If it is too good to be true, it is.

    – don’t advertise your crypto holdings

    – be extremely sceptical of “girls” in DMs in any social platform shilling crypto/opportunities

    – stay in the top 50 by market cap and do as much research as you can. Research the opposing view as well!

  15. First, I suggest you to read the content published by the project’s team. My first connection with DeFi was through Substrate (there are many case studies there) when I started to go deeper on smart contracts/defi projects (Equilibrium, Polkadex, Moonbeam, Astar, Acala) and also NFT (Unique Network).

    Another great thing to do is to get close with defi llama, choose some protocols and then google for it. Just type the name of protocol + docs. I’ve started researching kalmy and beefy but now I’m also using pancake and curve. Each doc is a new world of knowledge that you’ll tell you how the protocols work, audit report (if they exist, just read them. you’ll learn a lot!) and many other things.

  16. There are lots of materials to read from or online youtube tutors to follow for ample crypto education. I love the move projects like Spool are making, taking charge of crypto education via their Spool academy where they basically provide people with ample crypto content/education. Feel free to check out their discord server to stay up to date with this.

  17. Coinburea on YouTube

    Don’t go any further, from what I see ever other YT is just a crypto shill

    He is a sound guy


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