Where do I start?

I’m a complete novice in this world. I missed out on ARB and I don’t want to make that mistake again. I just don’t know where to start my knowledge gathering and once I get a start, I’m unsure of where to go from there. Any insights would be dope. Thanks in advance kind strangers.

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  1. I can understand your pains man. I also missed ARB but you have got to look at the brighter picture. There are still more potential airdrop like the Zksync. Aside that you can also buy low cap token like CELR, CYMi and COTI and hold till bull run. Peace.

  2. This YouTube playlist has a bunch of simple explainers for different DeFi mechanics: [https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUci6CVDXj8yiueNs377azI-2iuVqlkIc](https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUci6CVDXj8yiueNs377azI-2iuVqlkIc)

    After you understand the basics regarding wallets you can fund a small wallet on a low-fee network like Polygon and start experimenting with different protocols. You can try lending, borrowing, trading on a DEX…

    >I missed out on ARB and I don’t want to make that mistake again

    Keep an eye on other L2s that might do an airdrop this year like ZKSync, Starknet, Fuel, Scroll

  3. Do you have knowledge on crypto as a whole? Like how Ethereum works? Or are you starting completely from scratch?

  4. Agreed with Oddsnotinyourfavor


    Study how this all works before you touch the blockchain. Even a week of an hour a day or more will get you ready. This is finance with no bounds so you can easily make a mistake if you are uninformed, or even deceitfully informed. Once you make a mistake there is no going back. You control everything.

  5. One important thing that I’m focusing on the cycle is weeding out my sources of information. For example, listening to rando’s on YouTube and Twitter is a good way to lose money. Their job is to make you their exit liquidity. Find good sources of information such as here, reputable websites (ie Coingecko/Cmc) and YouTube channels (maybe Coin Bureau). DAOs and orgs like Bankless as well. Do not let hype masters and shillers pollute your brain with misinformation and bad investment ideas. I would do this if I were starting over in crypto before jumping around and buying things willy-nilly.

    You need the right inputs, but also make sure you’re in the ecosystem and learning and observing, so that the outputs are good decisions based on your investment style thesis.

  6. First, you should devote some time into learning about cryptocurrency. There are a number of other upcoming token releases like zkSync, Sui, Sei, and Weaver Labs for you to explore.

    zkSync is an Ethereum Layer 2 based on the Zero-knowledge cryptography, Sui and Sei are layer 1 blockchains while Weaver Labs is a telecom company using blockchain to decentalize the supply chain and make connectivity easy to be consumed.

  7. As everyone suggested (and what is actually advisable in this space) is a thorough research on each project you might be interested in. Because the temporary hype is not something that is going to age well. You can start by deciding what is your area of interest, and from there, you can research what does that project actually bring new to the space. A personal example for me is Oasis Network, which is a privacy preserving network, with a main focus on the empowerment of the users, through data tokenization.

    You can always rely on the info on [forums](https://forum.oasis.io/), and what can make your decision easier, you can check the [roadmaps](https://oasisprotocol.org/blog/the-oasis-2023-roadmap), to see what are the plans for the future.


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