When is the Polygon wallet bridge supposed to be back in action?

So I tried to set up a transfer from the Ethereum network to the Polygon network using the Polygon wallet bridge yesterday in order to fund a Beefy LP. In red bordered.letters.it said.that deposits and withdrawals were suspended while they were doing maintenance. It was also down this morning. Does anyone know when it will be up again?

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7 thoughts on “When is the Polygon wallet bridge supposed to be back in action?”

  1. Here are the issues with a layer 2 that’s really a sidechain. A true layer 2 inherits all the benefits of King ETH. And it gets so much shit for its fees, but it never goes down and security is battle tested.

  2. For future reference. You should check out OkCoin exchange. Their Twitter is: @okcoin

    You can withdraw usdc or MATIC via the polygon network. ( so no L1 to L2 fees anymore )

  3. If they’re out for a while you could try Allianceblock Bridge.
    It supports both Polygon and Ethereum. Alongside Binance, Avalanche and Arbitrum


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