what’s your passive income strategy?

After many months of swing trading I have grown tired of looking at the charts all days. I want to start looking at ways to have a stable passive income. May I ask about your experience on this?

Edit: Woww I didn’t expect this much response overnight. Thanks all for your tips :>>

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  1. Anchor and Osmosis Dex are my best passive income strategies. I stake UST on Anchor while I provide liquidity on NGM, STARS, CMDX, EEUR pools on Osmosis Dex.

  2. I am in crypto since november last year and my funds are split between Cronos and cosmos. In the beginning I will look for growth. Not selling, just farming and taking risks to build my stack.

  3. I have a mix.
    Highest yield tends to come either from projects that are new and offering big rewards to promote adoption, and/or from projects that are basically designed like ponzi schemes. I avoid those since I’m not interested in holding the bag, but some projects I do believe in can give substantial rewards for early LP providers, etc. so I’m in a select few.
    Another high-risk/high-reward option that has treated me extremely well is masternoding through this program: https://yieldnodes.com?a=OkWqAQ5AWVQnmb1 . . . Very consistent results and impressive returns.
    Beyond that I have coins staked in projects I believe in, and I earn interest on other coins they Celsius, Voyager etc. All involve some risk, but I’m willing to take it for the return, so far.
    I hope to diversify into real estate eventually but not until a few big things shift.

  4. Curve Finance is a stablecoin-swapping platform. You can pop money into 3pool which pays LPs, or any pool which is exposed to 3Crv as a (vetted) factory. You can also just go to any dual stablecoin pair and collect fees.

    Otherwise, if you want an above average return that involves little-to-no-work, you can delegate to Ethereum, or like another user said, just buy into an index fund.

  5. Don’t go apy chasing . Anything above 30% is crazy high risk low chance of reward. You can make money short terming high apy coins but you need to be on top of it much like day trading.

    If you do feel like higher risk rewards then vvs or cronaswap are in the early days. A lot of people probably felt burned by cronaswap’s high launch price but it has to find it’s price first. Been moving sideways recently.

  6. Posted on defi forum so you are talking crypto strategy but make sure your overall financial portfolio is diversified between stocks/etfs/bonds, real estate, savings accounts, crypto, etc, etc, the whole not all your eggs in one basket theory.

    For crypto:

    Node projects – Strong, Power, Thor, Kingdom

    LP – various pools on Beefy finance (Beta version shows all chains on a single page)

    Mining – Helium, Blockcreate, GPU mining ALGO, looking at Deeper and Planetwatch, looking at ASIC miners.

  7. Diversifying into different staking pools. Depending on the asset. I think staking real estate synthetic assets looks interesting r/parclco

  8. Algo defi is slowly taking off, been using yieldly for months and am excited to see how they continue to develop. Worth keeping an eye on especially if you already hold algo.

    Otherwise both Fantom and Matic have big ecosystems and are a good choice both for the low fees and the amount of options to choose from.

  9. Tranquil Finance 6-month locked stacking. You get paid out in Tranquil’s token as well as the protocol’s fees (BTC, ETH, ONE, USDC, USDT).

  10. Passive income is one of the easiest things to make in cryptocurrency. You only need to find the right projects to put your ass on. I can say I’ve made some passive gains ever since I started buying RAIL. From history, staking it has gotten me 2 airdrops with an announced third one coming. The altcoin maintains its value and steadily pumps. I’m into much but at least the few I’m into, they are the right ones.

  11. Stock market is kind of boring, right? I was swing trading too. Got good profits with TSLA, V and ARKK (i didn’t swing trade this one. Just hodl). My strategy with passive income is to use the passive earnings to rebalance my portfolio following TAA.

    I hodl 3 stables: GBPx and EURx are on Nexo for a 12% APY and USDC is on Yield App for a 18% APY. I’ve participated on the test phase of YieldAppV2 prior to its launch, so I know they have a sustainable ecosystem. I’m using Nexo for a long time now and no problems so far.

    Don’t you think about leverage yield farming? I’m using Kalmar, Venus and Pancakeswap for it. On Venus I’m mainly supplying assets and I’m x6 leveraged on Kalmar. So far so good.

  12. Buy low, set target price alarms, sell when alarms rings. Stop looking at charts in between. Works best for me. Making money with no effort.

  13. You can chose to go with staking, yield farming, lending and borrowing or liquidity mining amidst all defi tools for passive earning. As for my favorite is liquidity mining with a stablecoin involved like that of the NII/USDC pools on the NIIFI platform through the layer 2 bridge that Nahmii protocol provides.


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