Whats the best Uni V3 aggregator/facilitator

I love farming with Uniswap v3, however its is requiring active management (adjusting ranges etc) and therefore (in my opinion) not suitable for the masses.

What are your favorite Univ3 Aggregators / Facilitators for Uniswap v3?
Maybe even adding a bribing layer on top.

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1 thought on “Whats the best Uni V3 aggregator/facilitator”

  1. I was checking that out a while ago and found only unipilot.io and pickle.finance both having TVL a bit low for my taste.

    I think we need a higher TVL so the chance is higher that someone in the pool is paying gas for compounding, I don’t think there is or will be an aggregator which pays for that out of their own pocket.

    On Unipilot I was annoyed they have no discord, just telegram, that just feels so weird to me, how can this community work without a Discord I don’t get it. It’s not even a lot of work to setup. Also they have an APY calculation issue on Arbitrum which needs fixing (by sb else).

    Pickle.finance seems cool but it feels like a wasteland TVL wise, and still has a few bugs in the app. I think they lost some trust after some hack in 2020 and not a lot of users came back.

    Do you know anything else?


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