What’s next?

For awhile I’ve been boring. Buy some bitcoin, send to cold wallet, repeat. Then I read and understood the risks so I bought some stablecoins for respectable APY on CEX, liked the safety. Tested out, back and forth to/from bank. Seemed safe to use as savings. Then I but put very small amount BTC on CEX.

Then one day I figured I’d look into DeFi and found anchor. Had a mission to figure it out. Yeah yeah, anchor takes some figuring for us newbies to DeFi. I went from CEX USDC to KuCoin sold USDC/UST sent on Luna network cheap as fuck to station then linked to anchor and bam! 19.5%! But woooo I got some new shit. Huh what’s this? aUST? What is this rabbit hole… stumble onto Mirror.

Long story short, holy shit! Mind blown on DeFi. And to think that people think they might be late? No fucking way! This is just the beginning.

Back to my question of what’s next? Like I was looking at staking on Sovryn? They have some cool stuff coming out this year? If Anchor is most peoples stop away from the CEX bubble, what’s next? Stake ANC maybe for what? Possible future airdrops and stuff? What would be the next things to look at and learn after anchor?

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5 thoughts on “What’s next?”

  1. For starters, do not get sucked into any project offering absurd APYs. They are all money grabs and in the long run, will obviously not work. For that matter, stay away from anything that uses rebasing. Take a look at newer protocols that show promise. Novo Defi is pretty cool and has some really unique stuff. Check out this YT video on how it works: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MO-nZF0qukw](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MO-nZF0qukw)

    Disclaimer: I love Novo because I started it.

  2. I’d suggest kalmy.app a defi yieldfarming protocol with leveraged options up to 6.5x.

    If you are looking to step up to potentially more risky and more rewarding platform keeping low fees (BSC) this could be a good option.

    If you give it a go, would love to know what you think about it


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