What’s missing from your portfolio data? What data do you wish you had?



I’m trying to better understand what sort of information/data people are looking for regarding their DeFi portfolios.


Is there any specific pieces of data that you are looking for that you currently don’t have access to (or it’s just extremely tedious/time consuming to find)?


To throw some things into the mix, maybe you are looking for specific breakdowns for LP tokens or more information on lending positions etc.


Anything regarding your positions, holdings, historical data of your portfolio or anything else really.


Please let me know and maybe I can help.


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2 thoughts on “What’s missing from your portfolio data? What data do you wish you had?”

  1. I manage a large crypto treasury and data availability and accuracy is a huge issue.

    – just finding accurate historical balances should be table stakes but is impossible to get
    – most tools build a picture using transactions which runs into problems and doesn’t solve for rebasing tokens like from Aave.
    – let alone finding historical data for staked positions without a “receipt token”, think staked cvxCRV or LP tokens
    – running impermanent loss from LP positions
    – historical interest rates from staking, LP or deposits
    – a look through to see all ETH (or any token) exposure summing all LP, deposits or staked balances
    – getting all the above for 20+ wallets and over multiple chains

  2. Better data on LP tokens – being able to access the historical price and underlying asset amounts for my LP holdings would be very useful.

    Also – historical staking rewards. I can get this if I claim them directly but sometimes if I claim and restake the rewards aren’t recorded in a way that I can easily extract from the blockchain (Fantom annoys me here, I’ve had to resort to screenshotting the claim each time I do it so that I have at least some kind of receipt/record).


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