What was the last “Aha” moment you had in DeFi?

What was the DeFi product you had the last true “Aha” moment with (if any)?

A lot of DeFi seems to be incentivized usage for rewards, potential airdrops or hope of something financially beneficial coming from it or just for testing.

What was the last DeFi dApp you used where it was just so slick it amazed you?

Idm if you include trading platforms, analytics tools, wallets or anything. Excited to hear your responses!

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14 thoughts on “What was the last “Aha” moment you had in DeFi?”

  1. AI isn’t really compatible with defi. At least not the way it is now, and probably not ever. Defi is only kept secure by virtue of contracts which behavior is very well understood and predictable. AI is none of that.

    And as far as so-called AI crypto platforms being discussed now this is not even yet any kind of real integration of AI and crypto. It’s just hype. Sure, some platforms could be used for provisioning certain resources that could conceivably be used by an AI, but not moreso than for general computing, only less efficiently than more conventional means of provisioning these resources. So, hardly SkyNet.

    The problem is that if you could truly incorporate AI into the operation of a crypto platform that there probably isn’t a good way to prove that it can’t be gamed, or otherwise exploited to get the platform to behave in unpredictable ways.

  2. When I used Railway wallet. It was the first privacy wallet I used and my balance and transactions are all kept private. I had that feeling the first time I used it.

  3. Uniswap 3.0

    I did not use it AT ALL during the 2021 bull run. I used other stuff – Osmosis, Jewel, farmed SFUND. Basically anything that paid me the incentive token

    That model didn’t work so well this time, and I had wondered why people bothered pooling with no reward token.

    Uni 3.0 is a MASSIVE gamechanger. Your returns are real yield with no inflationary token – and half in ETH!

  4. When I realized staking on yieldification generates an NFT with metadata representing principal investment and yield in perpetuity. And then realizing it’s tradable. I don’t think anyone else has done this.

  5. Definitely Railway wallet, I didnt expect the UI/UX wallet to be that simple and easy to navigate and discovering the balance shielding feature was my ‘aha’ moment.

  6. ORE ID, it has to be it. I have always struggled with maintaining my multiple wallets until I found ORE ID, it serves as a wallet for wallets with multichain access from a single point while still securing private keys, passwords and seed phrases.

  7. Since my co-founder proposed a new DeFi protocol that solves many current DeFi problems and we have already raised funds based on this idea.


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