What underrated assets are there right now?

Banks aren’t doing too hot, so I’m putting some faith in crypto. Looking for underrated assets that have potential (and have shown potential in the past too), so a token that has utility and trading volumes with potential of a price increase. Any tips?

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  1. This thread will fill with shills promoting their $1m market cap shitcoins, so be careful.

    You can’t go wrong with BTC & ETH over the long term. The major events to watch for are the BTC from mtGox being released in a month and ETH withdrawals being enabled in 2 weeks, both will unlock a lot of supply for crypto majors. This **could be** a significant selling pressure.

  2. You can look into EVER. They have utility, and right now the price of the token is lower than its usual resting place, meaning that it could increase in price. But don’t take my word for it. Do your own technical analysis before buying it, because I’m just speculating based on the token’s previous behavior

  3. I think AAVE is underrated. It’s basically decentralized banking, is super hardened, and is less than 1/10 of its bull price. The platform will without a doubt be around for the forseeable future. Its not a 100x but its one of my defi bets.

  4. BTC and ETH are the safest assets you can invest in. If you have hunger to explore more then you can consider ATOM, MATIC, OCEAN, FTM, BNB and a number of other altcoins with use cases. I would recommend OCEAN because enterprise adoption is already taking place with Mercedes Benz, Gaia-X, Catena-X, Bosch, etc., using the tech.

  5. Easy. BTC and ETH. Literally all you need. They won’t be going away, and there’s still a ton of room to grow for them. Most other cryptos don’t perform as well as they do over the long term.

    Look at coin market cap historical snapshots if you don’t believe me.

    Stop trying to get rich quick off shitcoins. It won’t happen and you’ll just lose money.

  6. Going by narratives.
    PerpDexs and Real yield: GNS and VELA

    AI: FET and VAI

    Self custody: SYLO and TWT

    If you understand how crypto works then you’ll know the importance of being on a top trending narrative.

  7. Check out planet.finance ($AQUA/$GAMMA), recently took over by new owner and has a great team behind it. Is aiming to be one stop shop for defi.

  8. I could tell you about how good value you can find o Dia or Urus tokens, but looking macro, the best call is to stick with BTC and ETH, and do some sort of regular purchases into it.

    As a good defender of real diversification I also believe that a world stock fund, real estate and even gold are good hedges.

  9. Here’s my low cap alt list

    – safety audits and dex. Aims to compete with 1inch, uniswap, pancakeswap. Uses AI to get the cheapest rates. CTO is ex google AI tech lead. With the latest AI hype, this is my top bet.

    – deployer for unruggable tokens. Anything deployed via tokerr is 100% unruggable

    Paradigm zero
    -new protocol. Zero tax with usdc rewards while raising funds for development and marketing. Holders will gain if other projects fork the cotract

    Cradle of sins
    -first MOBA game on crypto. Development started on 2017. Presale on april

    – real zero gas fee chain. Not near zero but real zero. Good for play to earn games, financial transactions. No gas wars bullshit. No frontrunning, etc. it is the only real zero chain i have seen

  10. You could check out projects in the supply chain management industry. With a lot of major companies and even governments adopting blockchain technology for uses like agriculture, logistics and sustainability, this area could show massive potential. Some of the most popular platforms in this space are VeChain, Morpheus Network and Everledger. I’d recommend checking out their fundamentals and tokenomics.

  11. Considering cryptocurrency as an investment option is a prudent decision, and you may want to explore underrated assets that have the potential to appreciate in value. UTK, in particular, seems like a promising option worth considering.

    Utrust’s innovative approach to crypto payments, coupled with its buyer/seller protection features, has made it a popular choice in the market, further bolstering the potential of UTK.

  12. $MAXX is currently underrated token. The platform features high yield, is protected by deflationary measures, backed by Validator Nodes and has a community DAO.

  13. DEXT – #1 charting software with all possible chains, they also have a super nice stable community of whales with their own group + Venture deals + they do huge burns + there is something huge coming that I can’t announce yet and with all that it is extremely low cap

  14. It’s Sylo for me, a novel gem that can be used to build innovative and decentralized solutions that improve users’ privacy, security, and freedom.

  15. Qanplatform is one of the most underrated assets. Despite having a partnership with AlpineEsport as its blockchain partner, people are still underrating it.

  16. I personally think that a lot of web3 core projects will make huge moves when rally starts. I mean projects like LINK, DIA, DOT and likes. Astar is yet another one I got my eyes on. Well, I’m not suggesting anything, but DYOR. NFA.

  17. ORE. It has done about 200x before. CTSI is also a very good one. BNB is a good one but wait a bit before buying because the news will create a lot of sell pressure and you can get a better price.

  18. My first tip for anyone considering investing in a project is to do thorough research beforehand.

    OCEAN, DIA, VRA, ATOM, RIDE, and ARB are some decent projects to explore. These projects have good potential for growth.

    Additionally, you might want to look into IDOs as a good investment move. One project that’s worth exploring is GrabCoinClub. It is a role-playing game that allows non-players to interact with a Metamind metaverse using VR technology. The platform also offers multiple earning opportunities.

  19. I have been watching the DeFi space for a couple of years now. And to this very day DEFI is still in her early shoes. Overall there isn’t that much competition. For project such as UniSwap or Sushiswap. The basics are understandable. And imo. It is by far from Solid. It is missing a lot of important aspects, especially looking on Eth Based capt.

    2 years ago I stumbled upon some ICO’s and this project :XFAI was one of the projects about launch.

    In all my crypto years, ( been here since 2014 ). I haven’t had that feeling of excitement, as I had while getting in to Etherium back in the days.

    On DEFI perspectives, the narrative within XFAI is truely solving multiple problems ( will send pictures in comment or another post right after )

    But as every investor has another look upon the market that comes with another believe. This is just shared from a ‘someone’ who can’t see a future in our current system and believes systems will eventually get a “based on DEFI regulated and systematical manner, to regulate our used financial system.

    True lot XFAI will set her first steps towards this future.



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