What is the longest you’ve been in a protocol and what was the yield for that period?

Sometimes it can feel like you have to monitor yields and jump around from protocols / pools to chase the highest yield and not many have a kind of “fire and forget” usage. So I’m wondering if everyone else’s experience is similar.

What’s the longest you’ve been with a protocol?

What were the yields over that period?

Additionally, it could be nice to know those yields in-kind given the volatility of crypto, as well as in USD terms given some protocols are highly inflationary and in-kind yield overstates the actual return an investor would enjoy.

Additionally, it would be nice to know if you’re applying some sort of leverage on that yield – Ideally I’d like to know the un-levered yield.

My suspicion is that the current un-levered equilibrium stablecoin yield is about 5-10% for most things that aren’t paying from a reserve or looping leverage.

Staying on top of information can be a bit fatiguing and I’ve gotten more and more tempted to just park stablecoins on CeFI platforms to collect my 8%.

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6 thoughts on “What is the longest you’ve been in a protocol and what was the yield for that period?”

  1. Been in Anchor since August with stable 19.5% yield. Invested in CAKE back in July and forgot all about it until recently – yields were 150% and now down to 62%. Been farming MATIC/ETH and MATC/BTC since September with 35% yields.

  2. Manor Farm lasted two weeks (as a layer one for The Animal Farm) and I doubled my money. Some of the LP farms were at 4k% apr or more but I stuck with low and medium risk. The animal farm has good returns (which I anticipate getting better) too, but not like before.


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