I just found this cool DeFi project named PROTOKOL.

Protokol is a mix of Defi and Marketing tech to bring about the world’s first Marketing Dex.

It is the world’s first marketing launchpad. Introducing Initial Marketing Offerings (IMOs) driving adoption by connecting Micro-KOLs to Projects.IMOs are a new layer of fundraising in return for marketing. Providing projects with value and allowing Micro-KOLs to be monetized with presale tokens.

Meaning, start-up crypto projects will no longer suffer from poor adoption and flat launches!

Protokol is integrated with the major social media channels and able to scale to meet the demand from thousands of Micro-KOLs using permissionless token pools.

Verifying Micro KOLs work through Protokol’s Proof of Marketing and settlement based on work completed.

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1 thought on “What is PROTOKOL?”

  1. The concept of PROTOKOL sounds interesting. If what you sat is correct then they’ve got the potential to champion crypto mass adoption. I’ll do a little research on them this week. I’ve also been keeping an eye on HyperdexFinance. Decent team and a good roadmap. They’re Certik audited and that helps increase my trust in them. Looking forward to better days with projects like this


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