What is farming?

What exactly does farming involve? What are some things to look at when ‘farming’ tokens?
I spend some time on aggregators/DefiLlama to check for tokens with high APRs but it doesn’t make sense to have such a high yield- i understand that it’s because it’s an inflationary asset which gets printed a lot, so you just have more of the token but somewhat the same USDT worth of it.

Basically my question is- How to farm tokens? What to look out for?

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1 thought on “What is farming?”

  1. Tbh, good farming is few and far between. It is when you are incentivised to take a financial position for a period of time, which can work as long as things dont go pear shaped while you are in it. Just make sure you are converting your gains to eth, dont be greedy and watch your position!


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