What happens if ethereum never upgrades

This is a hypothetical question, I’m not saying that this will happen just want to know what the next move will be if it does.

Will everyone move to a layer 2 and still use eth as the gas token or will everyone move the the best layer 1 and forget about eth altogether

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8 thoughts on “What happens if ethereum never upgrades”

  1. In as much as layer 1 has it’s positives, upgrades will still be done as ETH 2.0 work to lower gas fees and accommodate more dApps being built on the blockchain.[Flare](https://flare.xyz/) network, [Avalanche](https://www.avax.network/) and Litecoin are among the many projects that are working on Layer-1 blockchain to enables secure universal interoperability between chains and scaling the use of blockchain by enabling all digital assets and onchain information to flow freely.
    The scalability trilemma has been the main issue not only on Ethereum but also with Bitcoin, Eg. Bitcoin wants to optimize security and decentralization, which is why they end up compromising on scalability. Great to see protocols like Algorand working on ensuring an optimized architecture on these three properties; decentralization, security, and scalability.

  2. Nothing much will happen. Every user will use what is more convenient for him or her. Just like how Sylo is migrating from ETH to CENNZNET for the incentivised node staking.

  3. Well ETH will be used in another way I would say

    But why would other “base” projects move to L2’s, when you have a perfectly good working L1 PoW – Kadena
    – infinite scalability
    – access and ability to build DeFi
    – security and stability
    – PACT code – even a 10year old can write up a code (proven fact)

    So the possibility of a good DeFi ecosystem may lay in this part of the woods

  4. I think everyone will continue to use layer 1 and PoW because it is more complete decentralization than PoS, but still, ETH will soon move to PoS
    I am interested in more PoW blockchains like BTC and KDA for example, but BTC doesn’t have smartcontacts, in turn KDA has them, and soon will launch first gas-free PoW DEX Kaddex, that will also change the market
    For some reason I have more faith in PoW than in PoW


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