What does everyone thinks about RWA tokenization?

There’s been quite a few new projects on real world asset tokenization. There’s one on Solana called [Homebase DAO]( that did a residential home in Texas and another one on Ethereum called [Citadao]( that is doing a tokenization in Singapore.

Anyone familiar with the underlying legal structure?

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4 thoughts on “What does everyone thinks about RWA tokenization?”

  1. I don’t think I’ve heard of either of these projects but it’s great to see so many RWA tokenization projects pop up.
    I’m excited about the direction RWA, especially real-estate tokeinization platforms like RealT and Landshare are taking and I can’t wait to see how they transform this space- from greater adoption and investing opportunities to reduced costs and enhanced transparency.

  2. I think RWA tokenisation v interesting.

    When say RWA, what do you include? It is financial assets like stocks bonds, or real world physical assets like property?

    If token represents ownership then seems that legally it should be easier to have a token of a financial asset than a physical asset….

  3. Not really sure about the legal structure of tokenizations. Weaver Labs tokenizes telco-related assets, if anyone has in depth information on legal structures, it should be then, considering their ties with UK government.

  4. It will cause next crash if protocols continue with current practice. Connecting off-chain and on-chain values at the moment brings more risk on-chain only because non-existing regulatory framework. “Imaginary entity” like company or other form of traditional organization with limited liability can easily fail, and usually that is absorb by lenders and other players from supply chain (public and private). Defi cant absorb that risk, just look how volatile is open market on rumors or tweets. I will not point on some protocols, but current situation looks very bad.

    Defi lacks risk management framework, security practice and 90% of infrastructure are forks without clear goal, only money grab activity. I work in sector from early days and I have a plan work in Defi in following years, but current Defi situation isnt good.


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