What do you think of Arbitrum, is this a new Defi wealth base?

Arbitrum (DeFi’s new battlefield), this one looks a bit boring, but I don’t know if you have noticed that Arbitrum has become the most friendly hotbed of DeFi innovation environment, not one of them. Against the backdrop of a cold market, many weird DeFi projects have popped up on Arbitrum in recent months. As more and more people begin to believe that the leading position of DeFi is stable and difficult to be shaken, the creativity of DeFi is no longer At that time, some brains that broke away from traditional financial use cases and based on composability chose to land on Arbitrum, where the next round of gems that are hundreds of times or even a thousand times more likely to appear.

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9 thoughts on “What do you think of Arbitrum, is this a new Defi wealth base?”

  1. Most advanced DeFi ecosystem all around, and where the most interesting innovations are happening.

    Checkout GMX (obviously), the Dopex ecosystem (with Plutus, JonesDAO, GMD; rage-trade), the TreasureDAO ecosystem…

  2. Arbitrum is one of the ETH L2s where the native token is ETH and therefore the rewards are actually paid out in ETH, not some alt token. Do with that information what you will.

    Edit: Turns out I was wrong. Arbitrum is now one of many L2 that use ETH as native (ZKsync, Starknet, Aztec, Optimism, Immutable X, Myria).

  3. Going to have to wait for all the bots to stop farming airdrops to see what happens. I think Polygon already has a huge ecosystem and L2s on the way. It’s my bet over arbitrum tbh.

  4. In my opinion, Arbitrum is an excellent blockchain with many top
    projects integrating into it. The Ore Network, for example, is working
    towards integrating Arbitrum into their ecosystem as part of their
    efforts towards multichain synchronization.

  5. Arbitrum is a leading choice for DeFi due to its strong capabilities. Railgun is actively working on integrating Arbitrum and other reputable blockchains to ensure the highest level of anonymity and privacy for users transacting on the chain.

  6. Lots of Solana-based Defi projects that are looking for a new home post-FTX are currently migrating to Arbitrum.
    Having spoken to some founders in the space, Optimism and Arbitrum are the prime landing spots for these projects, but Arbitrum mostly seems to win that battle

  7. They are the leading L2 blockchain and a great option to scale Ethereum. They’ve been experiencing amazing growth in total active users and also TVL on chain. I’m exposed to Arbitrum since I hold Eth. I expect a bright future for this one.

    Taking Defi into consideration, Arbitrum is a top chain. They’ve surpassed big ones like Avax and Matic. The biggest risk that I see is that about 40% of Arbitrum footprint comes from GMX. This doesn’t make me comfortable.


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