What do you look for when staking? Do you stick with the low risk and battle-tested protocols or go full degen mode?

For me, I usually like to stick with low risk stable coin pools (e.g. USDC on Aave, Curve, etc). I know low risk means low returns, but that’s okay as long as it’s beating the yield in my bank where I would otherwise park my cash. Of course I could probably up my yields if I take on more riskier strategies, but I don’t really have the time to do all that and would rather just put all my risk capital in ETH instead.

What does everyone else in this sub do? No judgement if you are a full DeFi degen though lol.

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13 thoughts on “What do you look for when staking? Do you stick with the low risk and battle-tested protocols or go full degen mode?”

  1. Low risk and battle-tested protocols please, most high yield tokens are a camouflage and have the tendency to drop so badly to the initial intended price.
    I will just stick to AXL Inu and its APR of over 40% on both staking pools

  2. I put small bags into crazy B-protocol degen farms. My latest is Midas finance with a **daily** apr of >100%. These things are best to get in early though, because the apr starts decreasing rapidly after more people put in their liquidity.

    But most of it is in different stable farms (diversified) which get between 12 and 19% apy.

  3. I really like higher yielding stakepools like anchor-ust 20% yield, or Osmosis, and for riskier one, Oraichain at 29%. But Orai has tons of potential so even if though it’s not that much more of a rate than anchor-UST, or less than Osmo, I still throw some money in there with the hope that it will shoot up like crazy for the next bull run

  4. I look for things like:

    >Hard supply on reward token

    >Vault/backing that is redeemable at any time

    >Paid in LP’s

    >Crosschain to arbitrage

  5. Staking is good if the token you are staking will survive the test of time.

    but most of the project have APY’s rewards for staker, so I was pretty surprised when I saw kaddex the dex, giving people 0.05% of every trade.
    The math is simple, have as many KDX as you can, and bring as many people to use the dex … the bigger the daily volume, the bigger the reward ! seem fair, right ?

  6. Going for high risk is dangerous, and most of them will end up falling in the long run. Right now, I have MATIC, CRO, RFOX, and BXX staked, based on their reasonable potential ROI.

  7. Low risk ofcourse. Good thing I found a best platform for staking. Security wise, high returns, and high APY too. All eyes with GamiFi staking pool.

  8. It is the reward for sure. I currently stake XPRESS on CryptoXpress and they offer 66% APY now that is the determining factor.

  9. I like to diversify both within low risk and degen DeFi, for example, I get around 10 to 15% staking stables and some alts on DeFi platforms Anchor and Celcius while I’m also in the FUFU LP staking pool which currently has up to 2k% APY lol the higher the risk, the higher the rewards ofc

  10. First I seek audited and approved protocols (I’m using aave, kalmar and pancake). I always mix a safe play (busd lending on kalmy) with a risky play (cake bnb farm on pancake, for example) and try to increase my total apy.


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