What are your greatest pains in growing your crypto assets?

Hello guys. I hope you can help me in research for creating a simpler trading app for people that are not so familiar with technical analysis, markets and generally have no time for daily fight with market changes.

My first suggestions are:
– so much news alerts
– over-complicated trading tools
– don’t know what to buy/sell/hold
– losses on market dumps
– crypto market works 24/7/365
– something else I missed. Please, add your suggestions.

Thank you in advance

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5 thoughts on “What are your greatest pains in growing your crypto assets?”

  1. I think a lot of people need to be made aware of the multitude of ways you can be ripped off. Metamask scams, importance of hardware wallets, air drop scam tokens, decline infinite token permissions, the list goes on and on

  2. Losing my coins in liquidity pools as a result of impermanent loss. Although I devised means to overcome it either by looking for stablecoins liquidity pools, although the APY is less or by staking on some Dex like that of alliance block which reduces impermanent loss to barest minimum..


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