What are the most exciting projects in your opinion?

At first, I was really into earning mechanics (just like literally everyone), and the reason behind it is pretty self-explanatory. Now I’m digging the idea of projects with utility focused on privacy, so these would be my pick for most exciting projects for me at the moment. What about y’all?

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25 thoughts on “What are the most exciting projects in your opinion?”

  1. The most exciting for me are MATIC, OCEAN and FET.
    – Matic is one the best developer and infra ecosystems.
    – Ocean enables data monetization and unlocks valuable data used in training AI models.
    – Fet automates everyday tasks with AI.

  2. One exciting project that comes to mind in the privacy-focused space is the Oasis Network. It’s a privacy-enabled blockchain platform that offers secure and decentralized computing capabilities for various use cases, including finance, healthcare, and more. It leverages innovative privacy-preserving technologies such as secure enclaves to ensure data confidentiality and integrity. Feel free to check their [blog](https://oasisprotocol.org/blog) out

  3. Loopring – an all encompassing Ethereum L2 super app ecosystem w/ NFTs, DeFi, soon the best liquidity in crypto, the most secure Smart Wallet + more

    MetisDAO – a hybrid roll up, benefits from both optimistic roll ups and zk roll ups. First of its kind

  4. My top exciting projects:

    ATOM – An ecosystem of interoperable sovereign blockchain networks.

    CTSI – An optimistic rollups scaling solution with a decentralized runtime allowing developers to build DApps with familiar programming Languages.

  5. A number of privacy projects have been making the rounds recently. I’m mostly interested in DeFi and Infra projects.

    For me I’m looking into:

    1. Arbitrum – A layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum with low fees and privacy.
    2. Weaver Labs – A platform making connectivity easy to be accessed.
    3. Aave, Compound and Yearn for accessing decentralized financial services.

  6. The most exciting for me are Weaver Labs, UTrust, and Polygon.

    Polygon is one of the best Layer 2 scaling solutions for Ethereum.

    UTrust is one of the best payment processors

    Weaver Labs is a project modernizing the telecoms supply chain and making connections secure and easy to access.

  7. These are the top 3 defi projects I’ve been following currently:
    1) Lido DAO (LIDO)- a liquid staking solution for ETH
    2) Zebec Protocol (ZBC)- a continuous settlement protocol with their own crypto card
    3) Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)- helps unlock the value of their data and monetize it

  8. Since Liquid Staking is such a hot topic lately (with good reason), I see liquid staking-focused projects boom left and right. While everyone does the same (issue liquid staking derivatives), be on the lookout for projects trying to tackle the issues with liquid staking and take a different approach.

    All these liquid staking protocols are at war with one another. Someone could come and make them all friends. For instance, solving impermanent loss, offering low slippage trades with limited liquidity, etc. So many liquid staking derivates, and so few solutions for tackling the issues that come with them. Now this may sound like a perfect introduction to shilling my favorite project, but it’s not. Just check out Persistence.

  9. Defi projects such as Thorswap, Tetu, and Dafi Protocol have piqued my interest with their impressive APYs. Their approach to decentralized finance is nothing short of spectacular, and I believe they are revolutionizing the space.

  10. Without a doubt it’s VyFinance, on Cardano. They’re doing some very innovating things in DeFi and are about to launch..

  11. well, projects with utility focus, active community, and backing from its partnership deals just like how gems like holoride are backed by those top automobile companies like Audi and Mercedez.

  12. In my opinion, Games of Balatroom is currently one of the most exciting projects in the blockchain space. They are developing a range of innovative features that aim to replicate the success of traditional gaming, particularly through their upcoming RiskFi PvP model.

    The team’s commitment to delivering high-quality offerings is evident, and I believe it will play a key role in driving the project’s success.

  13. There are a lot of different projects which are amazing if you ask me. I can recall Rehold io is an example of really good project to have eye on.

  14. Polkadot for sure. I am a huge fan of it and I think it is amazing. Rehold io is an example of great project raising high.

  15. ZUS (formerly 0chain), OCEAN & INJ really looks interesting.

    ZUS- the most private cloud.

    OCEAN- has a data marketplace to publish, monetize & consume data

    INJ- fast POS chain for building finance dApps.

  16. There are tons of projects, but I love the innovation from Secret Network, Cartesi & GMX.

    SCRT enables computational privacy for smart contracts, Cartesi allows developers to build scalable dApps with mainstream languages, and GMX offers real yield on Arbitrum.


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