What are the easiest DeFi projects to date?

I’m a huge supporter of DeFi and taking custody in your own hands. Scandals like the FTX breakdown show that this is the route to go. However i think the wallet creation process and usage of DeFi protocols is still too complicated for beginners.

What are the **easiest** DeFi protocols in your opinion? I used to love the UX of the anchor protocol and its “fixed” yields on stablecoins, however they are oviously not in the position to be recommended anymore…

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14 thoughts on “What are the easiest DeFi projects to date?”

  1. A fancy UX and shiny marketing doesn’t always mean good DeFi. Look at what happened to FTX. I like Quickswap, Curve and AAVE. They’re all on Polygon, meaning gas is almost non-existent. always DYOR.

  2. What are you wanting to do?

    There are lots of different types of DeFi applications, for example:

    * Decentralized Exchanges (e.g. UniSwap, Curve, Balancer)

    * Lending/Borrowing (e.g. AAVE, Compound, Alchemix)

    * Options (e.g. OPYN, Lyra, Thales)

    * Stablecoins (e.g. Maker, RAI, Frax)

    * Perpetuals (e.g. dYdX, GMX, PerpetualProtocol)

    * Yield Aggregation (e.g. Yearn, Badger, Beefy)

    * Insurance (e.g. NexusMutual, UnSlashed, InsurAce)

    If you let us know what aspect of DeFi you’re interested in then we can make suggestions for the simplest platforms of that type for you to check out.

  3. I’ll go with AAVE, curve, and a few more like Sylo and Stack. It’s much easier to navigate with though I still think a lot of work needs to be done on DeFi ecosystem.

  4. Well, these days many projects are as easy as getting the things done just pushing a couple of buttons like staking with Dafi or even farming with leverage with Kalmar or trader joe

  5. I think Osmosis Dex is really easy to use, swapping is very easy and fees is very cheap on the DEX. The superfluid staking pools like USDC/OSMO, EVMOS/OSMO, NGM/OSMO, ATOM/OSMO, EEUR/OSMO, etc., have very good APRs.


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