What are the best ways to identify new yield opportunities?

It seems like when a new yield platform launches it quickly garners attention attracting hundreds if not millions in TVL, especially for stablecoin yields. I feel like by the time it hits crypto twitter it’s already too late. Is there some magical place that persons go to find these protocols?

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10 thoughts on “What are the best ways to identify new yield opportunities?”

  1. You can simply use DeFilLama to check new protocols, go to their website & find out the yield opportunities in there.

    Camelot on Arbitrum is still giving good yields I think, and there’s Ocean data farming as well at ~13% APY.

  2. Hey, I am working on this exact problem and making Defi Mercury – APIs to fetch new information so if you are a developer you can easily access it.

    Otherwise, yield aggregators help! Such as beefy or defillama

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  4. Keep an eye out for good investment opportunities mentioned on Reddit or Telegram. Do your research before investing to avoid losing money. OG plays like Aave, Beefy Finance, and Uniswap are still fantastic. I’m also following the progress of new ones like Elfin Kingdom. Getting in early is key.

  5. DefiLamma still remains the best place to check for new defi projects with yield opportunities. You can also join some signal communities on Discord or Telegram where people share the latest updates. Though there are still some excellent defi opportunities on Convex Finance, AAVE, and H20 PsdnOCEAN on the Ocean protocol ecosystem


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