What are the best Stablecoin Opportunities in the DeFi Space right now?

Before the Luna Crash, every question in this sub asking “how can i generate a stable passive income with my cryptos?” was answered with “you can earn up to 20% on your UST with anchor”.

Where do you currently do stablecoin yield farming? What APYs are you generating with your strategy?

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15 thoughts on “What are the best Stablecoin Opportunities in the DeFi Space right now?”

  1. Curve. Always have been. The Death of Luna was because Do Kwon messed up with his Curve Pool.

    Curve is the best place for Stablecoin Yield in whole DeFi.

    It’s one of the only TRUE Decentralized Applications.

  2. Even this little bit of convo is a huge bump for this sub. Awesome!

    With the market being in such rough shape, I’m sticking to Stable LPs on DEXs for the moment. The return is lousy but the IL is as reduced as possible.

  3. UST was the only stablecoin in the cosmos ecosystem, but the death led me to EEUR which is the complete opposite of UST, 100% backed by fiat and fully audited. There’s no staking it as far as I’m aware of, but the interests on it are used to bump up NGM staking rewards.

  4. Despite some juicy yield, better avoid institutional lending though, there’s not much transparency thus could face insolvency in an extreme situation like this.

  5. I won’t talk to you about APY and all that jazz but BUSD is the only stablecoin that is fully audited and it’s now on Polygon so gas is non-existed. Something to really look into if you’re planning to hold any significant amount of wealth in a stable.


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