What are the best places for farming and staking in Layer 2 networks?

Hello everyone.

The topic of pharming, staking in Layer 2 networks is interesting. I heard that now there are quite good conditions for farming and staking, and there are no problems with commissions even for Etherium tokens. Tell me what projects are there or in which network it is better to search. I know that now there are good APY in DEX for Aurora and Polygon for example for Aurora, even commissions are zero. But it would be interesting to know more options and choose.

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  1. For a good project on Polygon, my favourite at the moment is gains network.

    LP on quickswap is 65% currently, but regularly goes over 100%. Stable coin staking is 17%.

    All backed by a heavily used profitable platform, that pays profits to stakers, and burns tokens at a deflation rate of 25% p.a.

    Dev only owns 6% of tokens and there was a fair distribution, no VC.
    Definitely a rareity in the defi world, and still under the radar.

  2. For layer 2s, beefy is a good autocompounder. You can get 100%+ apy on METIS/ETH for instance (was 400%+ not long ago).

    I don’t really use any layer 2s outside metis.

  3. my best platform for farming is beefy finance because of good apys they offer, im also invested on dot finance pool, the first defi aggregator on polkadot

  4. Well I moved all my yield farming funds to BSC to run away from the fees on ETH. Currently using Kalmy.app which have leveraged options up to 6.5x which is cool for the one with a more risk-on approach.

    This said, I’m following this thread as L2 options are always welcomed specially in defi!

  5. Have you tried Kalmy App, by Kalmar, OP? It’s not just that you can do some leveraged yield farming but you can also do some lending/borrowing. It’s built on Binance Smart Chain. It’s a kind of DeFi and NFT hub. Leveraged yield farming is not different from regular yield farming it’s just that you have an option to borrow assets and automatically reinvest farmed tokens and trading fees to increase the returns in a long run.

  6. What are the benefits of a Layer 2 network for farming? I’m farming using PancakeSwap, Venus and Kalmar. On Venus I’m simply supplying assets (low risk), leverage yield on Kalmar and providing liquidity on Pancake (I usually check the charts of the token I am pairing with).

    I’m also staking stables on Nexo and Yield App, mainly to protect my portfolio and reinvest the passive rewards to balance everything. I know BSC itself is not a layer 2 solution, right? since it’s independent and parallel to Binance. What can really change with Layer 2? I’m very curious to see the options.

  7. From my experience so far, ALBT LMaaS is one of the best LM solutions in space. They have pools on different networks like BSC, polygon, ETH …

  8. Not really using a lot of L2 solutions, mostly Polygon and DAFI protocol works very fine for me. Integrating with a lot solid projects, the staking is a bit different and ingenious and mcap is very low. One for the future

  9. Best places for DeFi for me might be different from yours. But I prefer platforms like DAFI, YFI and YLD. Mostly because I was able to earn the promised APY which shows integrity of the team.

    I have most of my bags staked in DAFI. In the last 4 months, there has been news of over 30 integrations and partnerships between DAFI and other ecosystems. Staking in such project is quite compelling.

  10. Osmosis is a good place for yield farming. Low fees and fast transaction plus cosmos ecosystem is very undervalued

    OSMO, JUNO, NGM, ATOM pools all come with enticing APR

  11. You can check out Ekta bro. Here’s their APR!

    12 month pool (150% APR) 20 Feb 2022

    9 month pool (133% APR) 24 Jan 2022

    6 month pool (115% APR) 24 Jan 2022

    3 month pool (100% APR) 24 Jan 2022


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