What are the best hardware wallets?

With the recent Ledger news, what are the best alternative hardware wallets out there. I’ve previously used Ledger but considering to switch now.

Are there good alternatives apart from Trezor?

Any tips, pros and cons etc are highly appreciated

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11 thoughts on “What are the best hardware wallets?”

  1. Grid+ is another alternative. A really nice option if you are often in the same place or working from an office. The lattice is kinda like a deskphone for transaction signing.

    Keepkey is almost making a comeback. ShapeShift is always up to interesting things. Here is a [twitter thread](https://twitter.com/willyogo) explaining

  2. Another Ledger user looking into alternatives here.

    Has anyone had any experience with Keystone wallets?

    Looks like a hardware wallet in terms of safety, with bits of hot wallet ux conveniences (e.g. connecting to any dapp via wallet connect?).

  3. I just love my safepal s1. Completely air gapped Hardware, while the app has all these nifty Defi and Cefi integrations (esp with Binance). Got it initially coz price, but well, hadn’t caused any issues till date. The form factor feels more modern than the pen drive lookin ledger doodads…

  4. Run TAILS from a USB stick, it has a Bitcoin wallet included, with other options as well, Ethereum, Monero

    It’s less convenient for daily usage, but for cold storage it’s a good option.

  5. I read the presentation of the ledger recover feature. People still don’t get that it require a physical action of the user… saying this feature makes it unsafe is like saying that the ability for a hardware wallet to sign your Transactions is unsafe.


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