What are some good projects backed by real world assets?

I’ve already invested a fair amount in algorithmic stables and am interested in exploring stables that have real world assets (ie carbon credits, real estate, etc) backing the token.

I’m familiar with KlimaDAO and Bacon. Any other asset backed projects worth checking out?

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7 thoughts on “What are some good projects backed by real world assets?”

  1. i don’t think this is backed by what you are talking about, but Elysium provides free luxury car rentals, apartment stays, commercial flights, jet flights, and more for its holders.

    Edit : I am not a bot 😐

  2. The list is endless but my favorite so far is Cartesi backed by Travala, LocusSoftware, WooCommerce, NowPayments, man the list is endless when it comes to those backing Cartesi.

  3. GTH is a solid project to look into. Gather is a platform that allows publishers to monetize without ads and provides businesses & developers access to cheap and reliable processing power.


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