What are some anonymous ways to buy BTC?

Hey, I’m looking for an anonymous way to acquire BTC without leaving any trace. I read about using ATMs, but they require a phone number, and there are security cameras everywhere. I’m considering buying through exchanges or miners, but I’m not sure which sites are legit. I came across HodlHodl and Bisq, which both use codes and require two signatures to move your money, and Houdini Swap, which lets you swap different cryptos without anyone knowing who you are or how much you have. Can anyone vouch for these sites? Any other recommendations? Thanks!

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4 thoughts on “What are some anonymous ways to buy BTC?”

  1. A lot of people ask this and the only ways are to mine or in person transaction . All other ways require your identity to some party if fiat -> crypto.


    Some people will advise on non-KYC platforms but they might not follow KYC standards, but your identity is surely still being used, even if you use a cash debit card (gift card), you can still be traced back.

    So if you want REAL anonyminoty, in person or mine only


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