We can now swap any tokens, any coins on any network with split transaction fees?!

Okay guys so I just found this out and it’s good news if you’re a coin or token holder…

**You can now swap tokens or coins onto ANY network _(yes, any network you want)_ while splitting transaction fees.**

BINANCE, ETH, AVAX, POLYGON – you name it!

A company called Smart Finance has merged two of their services to help Smart NFT and NFT holders swap coins with their upcoming cross chain bridge while splitting transaction fees.

I don’t know about you, but it’s so annoying to have different wallets on other networks and not be able to swap. Also, it’s a pain to have to wait for transactions to clear.

Smart Finance is solving all of this plus they have the smallest price and lowest spillage (big points for us).

Another cool thing is that the company has Smart NFTs and OG NFTs that allow you to earn ETH if you keep them in your wallet. For the Smart NFTs, you get 30% on each transaction of the proportional share of the transaction fee and 7.5% on Omni Dex transaction fees.

The line of OG NFTs has a smaller share of 21% on every transaction fee but honestly, it’s great that you can **earn additional ETH** just by keeping their NFT in your wallet either way.

Smart Finance is going to release their Cross Chain Network bridge in \[date here\].

If you’re tired of high transaction fees and managing your wallet in multiple networks… Then I’d join their discord channel so you know when their network bridge is released. 

The link for the Discord is right here:

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