We are heading to a DeFi decade next 10 years

These next years from now until late 2020’s will be the DeFi decade. Why am I saying this? DeFi is all about satoshi’s vision of peer to peer electronic payments, lending, trading and investing, all of which are -for the first time- built on decentralized networks rather than controlled entirely by big companies.

Over the last year, the market value of the DeFi industry has increased more than 30 times. The value locked in customers deposits has increased over 100 times (pay enough attention to this, it’s 10000%!!!) .

DeFi may be the fastest growing industry in the history on mankind, and these are still the early days. We are still writing and watching history being made.

Today, DeFi is used by a couple million people every day, considering several platforms like eth, solana, cosmos etc. I think that in the next ten years we’ll see A BILLION PEOPLE using defi as their primary.

[Here]( is a sample guide on how to start a defi platform and everything you will need to know about DEFI

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  1. Defi Kingdoms is doing the right thing by blending defi and gamefi! Having use cases for the governance token is important for longevity.

  2. It is very impressive to see what DeFi has accomplished in just 5 years and it’s safe to say it’ll achieve even bigger things in the next 5 years.


    Due to the development and wide spread of DeFi, among people trying to earn a passive income, a custodial app like Yield App, which offers all the benefits of DeFi in a modern world has been able to achieve; over $470 million AUM, over 70,000 users worldwide and $33 million paid out as rewards all in one year.

  3. Unless the US Government intervenes, especially with stable coins. It’s a house of cards at this moment.

    You’re also ignoring that on/off-ramps are all controlled by “big companies” which is leading to more and more centralization, not less.

    Not an article I wrote but its a sobering look at centralization: https://blog.mollywhite.net/off-ramps/

  4. No doubt about that and with time as well the metaverse as the trend for the metaverse increases every day as so many big institutions are already joining the metaverse space, so I don’t want to be left so I made an nft of myself with metaverseME and gave so many unique features I wished for then joined the metaverse

  5. Defi has come a long way no doubt! It’s pretty impressive actually. It has room for so much growth, I recently came across a project that is working with ZK proofs and developing bulletproofs called Venice Finance. It’s focused on privacy preservation but has front running resistance and cross chain liquidity aggregation, pretty interesting stuff for a decentralized finance

  6. No arguing about the DeFi growth, it’s going to be huge, without a question. I am just a bit skeptical about the platform on Ethereum that are not connected to other chains. I’m trying to pay as little as possible, like all of us. Been experimenting with BSC and some projects like Kalmar. I’m lending BNB there but planning to do the same thing with BUSD. Or just one, I still didn’t make my mind. Depends on the utilization rate but the interest percentage can go up to 3 digits.

  7. The one thing holding back defi imo is the lending and staking earns you a different currencies to what you put in or payback.

    Example you stake FTM and get TOMB for example.

    Then you need to find a way to stake or use TOMB this is not friendly for mass adoption.

    However protocols like Stable One or Matic Staker you stake matic and earn Matic so its more likely for mass adoption.

    Maybe worth taking a look
    Website –
    Website –¬†https://maticstaker.io/?ref=0x70c6dfef3b3ce0322c1337c96772e84fe94319c2

  8. It’s exciting really. The growth of DeFi in the past two years has been outstanding. This year has been no exception either. We’ve already seen the creation of many projects looking to address several issues in the space. Best to keep an eye out for those with the most potential. For me, I’m monitoring HyperdexFinance. Still very new but already looking like they’re ready to compete with the big boys. I’m still searching for more of such, wouldn’t mind getting research suggestions from you.


    Great writeup by the way


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