$UST, the end ?

As $UST reached a ridiculous price of 0.60$ at its lowest, would you be confident to send money again on Anchor protocol ?

I’m pretty surprised to see optimist people still!! Technically it’s a disaster to have a stablecoin un pegged at 25% while the main protocol on Luna is loosing 75% of its TVL (more than $13B left)…

What’s your thoughts ?

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4 thoughts on “$UST, the end ?”

  1. No not going away, but algo dollars as a whole took a hit, UST had the biggest mcap and cash flow out of all the algo stables and they were attacked successfully. This made me move most of my stables to alUSD/USDC/ USDT/BUSD

  2. Algo stables have subjective value. At this point, even if ust had backing, the total minted amount in dollar values of luna is wayyyyy less than the market cap of ust, so good luck ust / luna surving this


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