UST fall day 2: touched 0.6 again, now at 0.77

On Binance at least.

Was near 0.9 for more than 12 hrs.

What happened 2 hrs back? LUNA fell to 17 as well another 50% fall.

Meanwhile Do Kwan has been unusually silent on Twitter, posted

>’Close to announcing a recovery plan for UST. Hang tight.’

hours ago and 1 hr back

>’Getting close … stay strong, lunatics’

Should’ve done all this much faster.

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8 thoughts on “UST fall day 2: touched 0.6 again, now at 0.77”

  1. Advice: Don’t worry.

    Should re-peg in a few more days.

    If not? Then, at least you listen to my advice and didn’t worry those few days


  2. What’s the realistic path to recovery for LUNA at this point? Hard to see how people will trust it again even if they manage to bail out UST for now.

  3. Next time it goes into the $0.90s, I’m borrowing it and swapping out 50% of defi debt for it. Banking on it crashing again and then I can borrow real stables and pay back my debt at a discount. UST market cap at like $13.7B. LUNA market cap at less than $7B. It still has a long ass way to go before it can possibly be solvent.

  4. It’s getting crazier and crazier… UST were at 30 cents and not it’s at 50… and Luna had a monumental tumble down to 3 dollars…
    Sadly my most profitable farms were on Kalmar as my staking on Anchor were the most profitable… if the premium is high is due to higher risk… sad days!

  5. Look if Luna was over the SEC would be after this guy, his legal team wouldn’t let him tweet something so incriminating (giving his followers false hope) unless there was a real way to solve this problem. If he tweeted this shit and then it’s crashed to 0 he would be in handcuffs in US court eventually


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